Monday, October 5, 2009

Group Photo Album

Check out our new flickr photo group, NDA Conference 2009!

Anyone can join the group to add photos, so feel free to upload as many as you want.  We'd love to see the conference from your perspective, too!    


1. Click “Join?”
• Sign into flickr with your Yahoo ID and password

2. Join group

3. Add photos or video

4. Select items or add new

5. Upload something now: Choose photos

6. Choose one or a group of photos from your computer
• First, transfer your photos from your camera to a folder on your computer
• Find your photos using the “Look in:” dropdown menu at the top of the box
• Highlight as many photos as you want by dragging the mouse or using shift+arrow keys
• Click “Open” to upload to your online flickr account

7. Choose one or a group of photos from your computer
• Click “Add More” if you would like to add more photos to the upload
• Click trash can icon to discard any unwanted uploaded photos
• Set the privacy option to “Public”
• Upload your photos (this will take a few minutes for a large group of photos)

8. Add a description
• Click “add a description”
• Type in a description and save 

9. Find the NDA Conference group
• Groups-->Your Groups-->NDA Conference 2009

10. Repeat Step 3: Add photos or video

11. Click on pictures to add to the group
• Click “Add to Group” button at the bottom when finished selecting photos

12. See your new pictures in the NDA Conference 2009 group album!

(Preview slide show is shown on the right margin of this blog)

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